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Individual Therapy


Counseling for adults who are ready to find themselves




You get up in the morning and probably have a difficult time getting going.  Maybe you are scrolling through social media in existential dread, wondering if the world is ever going to feel safe for you.  You go throughout your day living by everyone else’s expectations of you, probably because you are so used to just conforming to what others want so you can avoid rejection or some other bad feeling.  You go above and beyond for anyone and everyone, and yet still feel unfulfilled (and maybe even resentful that you can’t find someone who will reciprocate the level of effort you give).


You might have grown up with parents or other attachment figures who wanted you to fit in a certain box.  You might have gotten feedback from peers or family members about how you didn’t fit into someone’s expectations of who you should be, so you changed.  You watched how others behaved closely and tried so hard to emulate it but you always feel like you are a few steps behind anyway.


And all the while, you knew you were stepping off of your path and onto others’ but you were trying to get your needs of safety, belongingness, and dignity met.


You've reached a crossroads

You can choose to do nothing and continue to walk on a path someone else wants you to be on - always feeling the pull of your own and yearning to be on it but never being able to experience it in the way your intuition pulls you to


You can choose a guide to help you navigate the terrain that separates you and return to the journey you are meant to be on, carrying only the weight of the things you choose and being able to feel fulfilled in every step you take



Living a life where you know who you are outside of the influence of anyone else

You can set healthy boundaries and make confident decisions that come from within

 Feeling aligned and authentic with clarity, self-esteem, and relationships that meet your needs 

Being able to set down the burden of all the expectations of others and be free

Unmasking and living life freely as the person you were born to be



I know because I have been there.

I have dedicated myself to walking my own path and have helped hundreds of others walk theirs too


The process looks like this:
  • Build our relationship so you feel comfortable and supported

  • Explore your experiences, thoughts, and feelings and make important connections

  • Strategize ways to repair your relationship with yourself

  • Use evidence-based processing tools to decrease distress from memories

  • Reincorporate the parts of you that you have had to deny

  • Build your confidence, self-esteem, and boundary-setting skills

  • Support for real-life situations that test all the new things you have been building


What do I Bring to the Table?

I have been through this process.  Honestly, it is a winding path through life, so I am still on it. But I have gotten through many of the difficult parts of the journey and am so passionate about helping others achieve a new level of clarity.  You are WORTH it!

Just like you, I was scared to start.  I was overwhelmed by the process at times.  I sought help for parts of it that I could not do on my own and had to move through my reservations about that. 

But what I gained is a deep connection with my intuition that makes me a thorough, thoughtful, and insightful therapist and person.  I have harnessed my empathic qualities and can protect my energy while illuminating yours.  I am skilled at creating and maintaining connections with people and I am good at teaching in a way that reaches people where they are.  I know my worth and I see yours and everyone else’s.  People have described me as intuitive, confident, perceptive, open-minded, truthful, understanding, inclusive, thorough, powerful, and attentive.


You are Probably Wondering If...

You come to therapy that it means your relationships will fail

That totally depends on your goals! If you are looking for support for ending relationships that aren’t healthy for you, then we will work on that.  If you are looking for support to heal relationships that you’d like to keep but want to meet your needs, that works too! It’s all about what you want to get out of it


You start to unpack all your “stuff” you will feel overwhelmed

That can happen at times.  I have lots of tools that I use to help when people are feeling overwhelmed, and we will only ever go at a pace that you are comfortable with.  Facing it all is hard work!

You change all these things and you don't like the outcome

The work we do is all about helping you to become the most aligned, authentic version of yourself.  In that process, there may be times where it is difficult to like some things, but the end goal is to get you feeling lighter and to have it be easy to love who you are

You come to therapy it means you can’t handle things on your own

This is one that I have lots of personal experience with – and the truth is that you are handling it on your own still.  The difference is that I’m here to be a sounding board and to help guide you through the process of doing the work yourself.  No one becomes a professional athlete without years of coaching, experience, and skill building and it’s ok if you need that type of support, too!


It is never an easy journey, but it is ALWAYS worth it

Ask yourself what an investment in helping you get back to your path is worth – when you look back on this moment, will you say “I’m glad I did” or “I wish I had?”

Set up a complimentary consultation with me today and let’s map out your journey together!

All appointments are booked online so it is simple to coordinate a time that works for you.  If you prefer to book another way, please contact me via phone/text or email and I’ll be glad to help get you set up.

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