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A Psychotherapy Practice proudly serving Minnesota and Florida

individuals to walk their aligned, authentic path

The Journey Begins with One Step 


Are you...

  •  Living behind a mask of other people's expectations and perceptions of you?

  •  An adult who has trouble feeling like an adult because of your relationship with your parent(s)?

  •  A neurodivergent person who has been given feedback that who you are is not acceptable?

  •  Trying to heal from trauma and find yourself meeting roadblocks at every turn?

Depressed, trauma, help, codependency, neurodivergence
Identity, trauma, unmask, anxiety

Or Perhaps...

  • You are constantly searching for your identity but have no idea where to start or how to get there

  • Setting boundaries feels impossible, making decisions is a chore, and you're just left with resentment and exhaustion

  • You feel pulled to do what others want and constantly neglect your own needs and wants to do so

  • You find yourself feeling resentful towards others who don’t put the same initiative into your relationship that you do

  • It impacts your self-esteem and worth on a deep level and you are ready for change


Welcome to Winding Path!

So many people live their lives “walking someone else’s path.”

Not sure what that means?

It’s when we are part of systems of conditioning that teach us that what our gut tells us isn’t the truth.  It’s feeling the lack of acceptance from others, so you put on a mask to fit in.  It’s the worrying about disappointing your loved ones so you do more and more to gain their approval, all while burning yourself out.  It’s learning that who you are authentically isn’t what it “should” be.  It’s growing up and feeling like you can’t continue developing because you aren’t sure who you even are. 

You are walking someone else’s path of who they think you should be instead of walking your own path of who you truly are. 


Any of that sound familiar?

Winding Path’s mission is about helping individuals take the journey back to their own path and reevaluating what you are carrying with you on that journey. 


Do you need help taking your first steps?

As an individual who has years of mastering the journey professionally and personally, I can offer support and guidance for you to live the life you were meant to live. 

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Wandering Traveler

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - 

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference."

Robert Frost

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