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Elizabeth Mann, MSW, LICSW

Guiding Individuals To Step Onto Their Own Path So They Can Feel Fulfilled, Confident, and Aligned Every Day

I understand how challenging it can be to feel like you are always living according to someone else.

It feels so suffocating and you build up resentments that you don't want.

You feel like you can't ever show up how you really are or other people will be disappointed in some way, and that bothers you.

Most of my clients tell me they feel angry and invisible

I'm here to tell you that you don't have to feel that way anymore

I have worked with tons of people just like you who are ready to rebalance, find, and embody who they truly are!

My Journey

Unmasking Inner Potential

Elizabeth Mann, MSW, LICSW

I'll never forget showing up for school one day in 7th grade to find all the teachers and students quietly crying together.  Everywhere you looked, there were sullen faces and despair.  We had a classmate complete suicide. I remember seeing him at lunch, sitting alone.  I had math class with him and he was teased.   I could have done more, but I didn't know. That is what started my journey to being a helping, healing professional. I began my journey in mental health in 2013 as a direct care staff at a group home for at-risk youth. While there, I had the opportunity to meet so many teens who changed my outlook on everything - including what I wanted to be when I grew up! After my time there, I moved to Mississippi and worked at a similar job, but with higher acuity clientele.  I moved up the ladder as far as I could go with a Bachelor's degree and a supervisor who was a mentor to me asked, "Is this all you want?" The answer was no. I wanted to do more and be able to help in more ways, so I took the plunge and applied to graduate school. While there, I started to realize so many things about my life.  I realized how hard it was to be alone. I realized that I didn't know how to advocate for myself and how much I burned myself out trying to prove my worth to others.  And most importantly, I realized where I learned all my patterns and behaviors.   After graduating, I moved back to Minnesota and became a Licensed Graduate Social Worker and gained experience as a therapist while receiving supervision.  During this time, I worked with mostly neurodivergent children and their families but occasionally saw adults as well.   One of the most important lessons I learned in my early years was that alignment is so necessary.  After moving on from my first job, I felt the stress melt off of me.  I was sleeping better, felt freer, and was just generally a happier person.  I dug more into my spirituality (which is heavily based in my intuitive guidance) and found that I never felt the way I wanted to because I was fitting myself into a box that I didn't actually fit in.  I wasn't able to use my natural gifts and talents to help people, and that is my true calling.  

My Approach

Human to Human

I show up to sessions as a human first.  Many people are afraid of beginning their healing journey, and I will take extra time to explain what I am doing and why and we go at the pace of the client.

I am a psychodynamic therapist, which means much of the work is focused on exploring connections between your thoughts, feelings, sensations, behaviors, beliefs, values, and history to develop insight.  I enjoy using creative activities to find the "why" and "how" of symptoms that clients are working on so that we can create a game plan for developing the mindset and skills for lasting changes. 

I am certified to use an eye-movement based therapy called Accelerated Resolution Therapy for clients who are looking for faster relief from traumatic memories, depression, and anxiety.  This type of therapy does not require the client to talk much during the session and provides amazing results.

My areas of interest and experience/specialty include:

People who have specific and complex trauma

Adult children who have difficult relationships with their parents (and vice versa)

People who want to develop a strong relationship with their intuition

Neurodivergent people (Autism, ADHD, other neuro) who want help unmasking and strategizing for success


Graduate Degree

Master's of Social Work

University of Southern Mississippi

Class of 2018

MSW Club President

Nominee for MSW Student of the Year

Phi Alpha Honor Society

Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Class of 2014


Mental Health Field

Positive Alternatives

Resident Counselor, Lead Staff

CARES Gulf Coast

Resident Advisor, Senior Resident Advisor



Mental Health Practitioner II

Mental Health Professional

Outpatient and Day Treatment

Rejuvenate PSC

Co-Owner, Therapist

Winding Path Counseling, LLC

Owner, Therapist


Professional License

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker


Licensed in Minnesota and Florida (telehealth)


Certification in Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Basic ART Practitioner

IS-ART Member

Member ID: 2493

Certification ID: B2493

Fun Facts

  • I have a small zoo (not really): 2 dogs and 3 cats. My husband and I just started taking our dogs (Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky) bikejoring!  And yes, there is dog fur everywhere 

  • I belong to a local Crossfit gym and go to classes several times per week.  I have found significant self-care benefits!

  • My husband and I are both musicians and are building a music studio in our basement 

  • I am super into learning about all types of healing, including herbal medicine, food as medicine, energy work, ecotherapy, chakras, moon work, and more. I use some elements of these in psychotherapy work if the client is also interested/open to them

  • The forest is my happy place

  • I hope to grow this business to be something even more impactful some day!

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My Personal Why:
I am passionate about helping people heal.  I can use my natural gifts of empathy, intuition, problem-solving, and connection in a meaningful way that creates a positive impact on the world

Why Winding Path:
I can help show you how to return to yourself and be free to live the way you were meant to live.  I will use my intuition, communication skills, boundaries, and insight to model how to do it and guide the process so you can be empowered to do it for yourself
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