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Therapy Intensives

We hear you...
  • You've tried traditional therapy and you just got into the good stuff when the session ended

  • You are someone who needs more time to open up during therapy

  • You want to do the work but your schedule simply won't allow it

  • Your concerns have a lot of complexity that you want to be able to capture 

  • You want to dive deep and get to the root of the issue without waiting months to get there

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What are Intensives?

A therapy intensive is a multi-hour-long therapy session that incorporates multiple modalities that we are trained to facilitate to provide a deeper level of care.  Your individual or relationship intensive package will be tailored to fit your needs to ensure you walk away feeling deeply empowered.

The Process

How does it work?

Business Meeting


Filling Out a Form



Choose Intensive Package

We will set up a consultation to determine if we would be a good fit and to get clear on your goals

We will meet for an intake session to collect history and develop a treatment plan

Based on intake, scheduling, finances, and type of work, we will choose the right package for you

Therapy Session

Complete Intensive Session

Hold intensive session as planned

Smiling Colleague

Schedule Follow Up

Schedule a follow up session for the following week to ensure satisfaction and closing of process

Running Shoes

Determine Next Steps

Work together to decide what the next step is for your healing journey. This could include scheduling regular therapy sessions or an additional intensive


When considering an intensive, it is important to be informed about the ins and outs.  Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our intensives!

What will we do during the intensive?

This depends on the person, but at Winding Path we use a combination of somatic, shadow, and cognitive-behavioral work in tandem with Accelerated Resolution Therapy for deep processing.  We also offer a variety of add-ons with your package to help personalize it.  The best way to find out what we can offer you is to book a complimentary consultation. 

Can I do an intensive online?

Intensives may be available online; however, this will vary person to person.  There are certain criteria that must be met for this to be a viable option.  Book a complimentary consultation to determine if this is something that can be offered to you.

Can I use insurance?

At this time, intensives are private pay only.  We are happy to offer payment plans to help make the service accessible to those who are interested.

How much are intensives?

The cost for intensives varies by package.  Click HERE for more information on packages and rates

What are the benefits of doing intensives?

Doing an intensive session gives you more opportunity to explore an issue at length rather than breaking it up into parts.  They give the opportunity to capture complexity, process, and build skills in one sitting instead of spending smaller amounts of time once a week working on them.  It essentially combines a month or two month's worth of therapy into one session.

What are the benefits of doing intensives?

Every person's journey is unique, so we are unable to promise specific results.  What is small movement for one person can be a major breakthrough for others.  We will work together to create a space for you to feel positively about whatever movement you notice within yourself!

What does scheduling and cancelling look like?

See package and rates for information

Our Services

Service Inclusions

All services include the following:


All of the exercises we plan for the session will be in a workbook that you can take with you when you leave

Add Ons

We offer add-ons to personalize your experience, including: spiritual tools, meditation/mindfulness, music, art, and sensory supports

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